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2023 Port Vila Vanuatu

In November 2023 eduAcute visited the local hospital in Port Vila Vanuatu and delivered two days of paediatric emergency training to local doctors and ED/PICU nurses at no cost to the Vanuatu community. We hereby thank the Vanuatu team for welcoming us and for organising this great event.

The course was highly successful and all participants leaned lots of new skills while also having lots of fun. The possibility of us coming back to deliver a train-the-trainer course has already been discussed as a possibility.

The proceeds from our EMate mobile phone App sales are invested in projects like these. All Vanuatu doctors and the PICU nurse have been given a free lifetime EMate subscription. We are grateful to our paid EMate subscribes for supporting our Pipedreams mission.

The local ED doctors told us that neither of the two hospitals have the ability to perform point-of-care blood testing for critical decision-making.

The hospital there is functioning without any point of care testing and tests as simple as electrolytes can take 48hrs to return. 

Whilst there last month, they told stories of difficulties managing patients (like the man with a sodium of 108 and seizures whose blood test results returned 2 days and many bags of 0.9% saline later) without the most basic investigations available. 

Vanuatu has dengue haemorrhagic fever, poor nutrition and multiple infectious disease and this in addition to standard testing for the 200 patients a day they serve mean just basic testing would make a world of difference to emergency care for both adults and children. 

In response, we are on a personal mission to collect contributions from our colleagues and friends to raise $15,435(1) to be able to purchase a brand new iStat Blood Analyser for the Port Vila Emergency department.

Any amount large or small that you or your friends or family may want to contribute would be very welcome. 

If you are interested in finding out more about eduAcute Pipedreams or would like to contribute to our mission to purchase a new iStat for the Port Vila Hospital, please contact us here.

(1) The amount is based on a quote provided to us and includes local site maintenance to ensure that the device will remain useful. A copy of the quote can be supplied on request.

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