eduAcute consultants can develop a range of educational and simulation based programmes according to your needs.

Whether the needs analysis is performed by eduAcute consultants or provided by the facility is optional as long as key analysis is performed and measurable learning objectives are provided.

Once this analysis and the learning objectives are available and the proposal and quote agreed upon then the eduAcute team can develop a complete education package for your course including but not limited to:

  • Course timetables
  • Course plan including participant and faculty numbers required
  • Course registration forms and participant labels
  • Lesson plans for each course component
  • Customised scenarios
  • PowerPoint presentations to complement scenario learning
  • Handouts for participants
  • Workshop activities where appropriate
  • Course assessments
  • Course evaluations
  • Course certificate
  • Equipment lists
  • Recommended budget
  • Venue and catering requirements
  • Timeline for course preparation for faculty

Depending on what is required for your course, your local skills and capabilities (and your budget) this list can be expanded or contracted to suit your needs.

eduAcute can also provide the other pieces to deliver your course including train the trainers and facilitated pilot courses with review to ensure you are completely satisfied with your course development.