Course Description

This is a package particularly designed for OSCE candidates who are seeking intense individualised feedback on their performance.  This package can be purchased as a standalone product but is best suited to candidates who have already attended or are intending to attend and receive feedback and teaching through our full day eduAcute OSCE courses (CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam and eduAcute OSCE Exam).

The package is four hours of personalised attention from an experienced OSCE facilitator (eduAcute trained emergency physician). To access this feedback you must perform and videotape with your colleagues up to 5 OSCE stations in exam type conditions (communication stations work well but any are possible) up to a maximum of 1 hour of video footage.  Suggested sources of these stations are our 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios, our OSCE Simulation Stations Book (coming soon) or any of the OSCE stations that are readily available online (go to our Resource Library under Fellowship Resources for links) or through your DEMTs etc.

Coaching and feedback is tailored to the materials you submit. The process is as follows:

  • You upload the station stems and other resources (the more detailed the better) and the video footage onto a secure site (note that if you use the eduAcute resources you do not have to upload the stems).
  • We watch your performance and provide detailed written feedback on up to 5 stations focussing in particular on individual issues with communication, consultant level decision making and prioritisation or whatever specific domains the provided stations are testing. This feedback is given to you to keep in PDF
  • We arrange a one hour Skype session with you at a mutually convenient time to explain this feedback and give overall coaching tips to improve your OSCE performance and answer any questions you may have from the written feedback.

You have one year to provide the videoed stations for feedback.

If you need feedback on more than 5 stations you may purchase multiple subscriptions.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.