This book tries to break down some of these barriers, it provides complete scripts and marking schemes so that any of your colleagues can assist your practice without the burden of preparation.

This book also gives tips on equipment that can be substituted in order for you to be able to practice without access to an expensive simlab.

And as you approach your exam day you can run through these scenarios in your brain, practice the phrases that you might use and follow tips on what to do with the dreaded mind block.

The Candidate Instructions, Investigation Results, Marking Sheet and Global Rating form can be downloaded and are printable but the rest of the book is only available with secure login access on your PC or tablet device.

The book is a perfect companion to the 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios publication and the CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Course and will give ample opportunity for extra guided practice. Paid registrants to the CHUSE Course have access to the book for the discounted price.


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OSCE Simulation Exam Stations (Second Edition) - PREVIEW

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