eduAcute Virtual OSCE Exam Preparation Course (15 Feb 2021)

$850.00 ex GST

Candidates can access the meeting details here

Course price includes a one-year subscription to the following online publications valued at $429:

  1. 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios;
  2. OSCE Simulation Exam Stations; and our
  3. 2020 ACEM Fellowship Exam Core Revision Notes

Existing subscribers can request a coupon to renew their subscription(s) for 1 year.

2-Day eduAcute OSCE Exam PackageBrisbane (Kelvin Grove)15-16 Jul

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The eduAcute Virtual OSCE Exam Preparation Course has been created to provide OSCE Exam candidates the opportunity to prepare for the exam without the need to travel and potentially having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 restrictions. This is a full day course using ZOOM technology and runs from 08:30 until 16:00 with scheduled breaks in between.

The course is packed with OSCE Stations emulating the stations that would have been experienced in the 2 day OSCE exam course.  The Stations will be run in exam type conditions with one candidate at a time attempting the station and the rest of the Zoom candidates will be able to view the exam attempt, be part of the debrief and discussion and learn from others and the faculty on how to perform in the OSCE exam stations.  A range of stations suitable to this format will be offered including communication, history taking and CBDTechnique workshops will be interspersed to give you a jam-packed virtual experience.  Get your bandwidth ready for a home OSCE experience that will boost your OSCE performance.

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