This set of revision notes has been compiled by two newly appointed FACEMs who had the dubious pleasure of being able to study for both the old format ACEM fellowship exam and the new exam (which they successfully completed). As a result, their study notes were refined and whittled down so that only the essential points and difficult to remember poignant lists remained.

Unlike many of the other texts that march through the emergency medicine curriculum in infinite detail, the authors have really focussed in on the vital topics and key facts that are needed to be remembered to pass the fellowship written exam. Of note these very facts are also required in both the fellowship OSCE as the medical expertise component of stations and in every day practice as an emergency physician.|

The notes are presented in the chapters according to the ACEM Emergency Learning and Processes document and should be used as a revision aid after study of the curriculum is complete. The lists have been compiled from many sources and have been gathered in one spot for easy reference. Included are the treatment aims and endpoints which allow treatments to be guided to effect. Knowledge of these endpoints is vital both for demonstration of consultant level knowledge in the exam and in future practice.

This guide will serve you well to be accessed in your workplace as it contains many of the key lists, doses, treatment pathways and aides to memoire that assist even us “more mature” emergency physicians in caring for the public who present to emergency departments across Australia and New Zealand.

The authors of this guide are two exam candidates Dr Simon Keane and Dr Jonathan Thomson who have gathered together all of the lists and facts they used to successfully pass the ACEM FEx written exam. The authors have formatted these vital facts into chapters according to the ACEM curriculum. They have refined the facts into easy to remember bites of information with endpoints, common doses and tables ready to be regurgitated into your exam answer booklet.

The book is revised several times per year  ensuring it stays up to date and remains a useful resource for years to come.

This ACEM Fellowship Exam Core Revision Notes is an online publication which is easily accessible on your mobile device or PC with clickable links this revision guide will be as useful on the floor in the ED as it is in the exam room.

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ACEM Fellowship Exam Book Preview

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