There is much literature out there on different styles, theories, taxonomies and pyramids.  The information here is not meant to be exhaustive however it is intended to provide a framework or “scaffold” for you to add your own readings in order to improve your medical teaching.

The information in this module is structured so that you may read as much or as little as you like about the different theories.  We have included a few online resources for summary and understanding purposes but many more are available if you are interested in more reading around these topics.

  • To recognise the types of educational theory that underpin the current theories in Adult learning
  • To understand the principles of adult learning and how you may use this knowledge to develop effecting teaching sessions
  • To reflect upon our own learning styles and how we have been taught as a step towards developing improved teaching practice.

Now you can adapt these goals to your own personal goals for these sessions.

Course Validity

This course gives you a membership for 90 days from purchase.

Continuing Professional Development

This course qualifies for ACEM CPD points for 4hrs of learning under the Self Directed learning Category, Online educational activity and enter your own activity “eduacute Introduction to medical teaching course”.

We suggest that domains ticked are Scholorship and Teaching, Medical Expertise, Communication and Professionalism.

We are in the process of having this course accredited for CPD points for ACRRM and other colleges.

Intended Participants
  • Consultants
  • Registrars
  • Junior doctors
  • General Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Allied health clinicians
  • …and anyone who teaches clinicians and wants to improve their approach

Lessons Included

Introduction to Medical Teaching – Introduction
Lesson 1 – Learning Theorists
Lesson 2 – Learning Styles
Lesson 3 – Learning Paradigms
Lesson 4 – The Learning Cycle
Lesson 5 – Adult Learning Principles and Andragogy
Lesson 6 – Types of Medical Teaching and Teachers
Lesson 7 – Summary How to Teach Adult Learners

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