eduAcute OSCE Exam Course EOC (CHUSE)

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This is the online DIY version of our incredibly popular CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam course.

We have used our 7 years of running many successful courses as a basis to provide you with all the information that you need to run our course yourselves.

You can do this with a small group of your study buddies either face to face or online over zoom.  Sample timetables for a 4 day or 5 day course are provided (allowing you to modify these for smaller numbers of participants).

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The course itself is a combination of Communication Stations to run in exam-type conditions and workshops.

Firstly there is a set of How to videos and instructions – How to Direct this course, how to be a role player, how to be a marker and examiner.  These are specific to the type of station and give you inside information on how courses (and exams) are run which will allow you to realise how you can use this information to perform better in your exam.

For the stations you will be provided with print outs of the stems and props inside the room and a full station document with role player information and answer structures to enable you to mark your candidates using the provided answer sheets. This is never before released material from our actual course documents that will give you all you need to run this course yourselves.

The workshops have been converted to an online format and we provide tips and tricks about performance, types of stations and information gleaned from our 7 years of teaching and talking to OSCE candidates, examiners, DEMTs and participating in college exams as confederates.

You will have access to these materials for 4 months to allow you time to prepare and set up the course and then time after to revise the performances with the marking sheets. This will also allow you to do it as a self-directed or more modular based course if you wish.

By enrolling into this course you get sent 50% discount coupon codes for a 1 year subscription to the 52OSCE Communication Station and/or OSCE Simulation Exam Stations if you need further practice stations.