SKYPE OSCE Exam Scenarios (1hr session)

These 1 hour sessions are tailored to your specific ACEM OSCE Exam preparation and are done using SKYPE. We will cover your specific needs and may develop customised stations and answers structures for you individually.

After you have purchased a session you are given access to the stems online.

You do real-time 4 mins prep then we do the 7 min scenario after which you will get personalised feedback (approx. 15min). You will be given access to the suggested answer structure online after the session.

You can purchase multiple sessions if required.

The Process

To ensure that communication is effective, we must both be well prepared and have all required technology up and running. Below is an overview of what each of us need to do before, during and after the SKYPE session.

Before the Session

  1. Have purchased at least 1 one hour session
  2. Agree on a date and time
  3. Have an active SKYPE account and test that the account works
  4. Check you have access to the scenario stems (online PDFs) (NOTE: do not read at this time but print out if desired)
  5. Provide us with your SKYPE name when you purchase the session
  6. Prepare your “exam” room – ensure that the room is quiet and free of distractions for the duration of the session. Turn off phone and all alerts and ensure internet access is good

During the Session

  1. Check connectivity at the beginning of the session and position the camera in a position that you are well seen
  2. Read the stem (on your computer or printed out) only when instructed. At 4 mins enter the room and commence the station as you would in an exam
  3. Continue until you are told the scenario has ended
  4. You will receive personalised verbal feedback and can ask any questions about the station
  5. Do the next station as instructed

After the Session

  1. Review the model answer online PDFs which you will have access to for 3 months after the session)
  2. Reflect on your performance based the feedback given to you
  3. Think about what areas you like to focus on
  4. Negotiate and purchase further sessions if required

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.