Sample Scenarios (free)

eduAcute scenario scripts provide you with all of the detail you require to run our simulation scenarios in your own facility.  Below is an excerpt from one of our simulation scenarios.  The complete simulation scenario is free.  Read on to find out how…

If you request a quote for one of our eduAcute simulation scenario packages (single bottle, reds, whites or mixed dozen) you can request a copy of this full scenario for free.  This is yours to keep whether or not you decide to buy a simulation scenario package from us.  It contains all of the information you need to run this simulation in your facility.  This includes the learning objectives, scenario scripts for participants and faculty, confederates and equipment, props including xrays, path and all of the vital sign settings to run your complete scenario.  Debrief points are suggested and your faculty can add to this to ensure your simulation experience is complete.

If you like this scenario and want more for use in your simulation programme please contact us for any of our simulation scenario combinations. Our single  bottle, reds, whites or mixed dozen can help you provide medical education for your learners wherever you are.

Contact us for a quote and to receive the rest of this scenario.


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