52 OSCE Communication Scenarios



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52 OSCE Communication Scenarios: a practice guide for the ACEM OSCE Fellowship exam is an essential purchase for anyone getting ready for the ACEM FEx Clinical exam.  

COUPON CODE – Those who register for the CHUSE Communication Course are eligible for a 50% discount of the 52 OSCE Communication Stations book. The coupon code is 52OCSCE. Please read the Terms and Conditions for specific terms and conditions.

This is the only book currently out there with scenarios written in the Australian ACEM exam format with a clinical scenario stem, role player information and then an expected exam answer structure.

This structure allows you to practice with your colleagues and perfect your approach to the difficult communication scenarios that appear both in practice and in your OSCE exam.

The clinical scenario stem and template and marking sheets are printable but the rest of the book is only available with secure login access on your PC or tablet device to one subscriber at a time only.

The book is a perfect companion to the CHUSE communication for the OSCE course and will give ample opportunity for extra guided practice.  Paid registrants to the CHUSE communication for the OSCE course have access to the book for the discounted price as outlined below.

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ACEM Fellowship Core Revision Notes is a quick reference guide which is essential revision for candidates approaching their ACEM Fellowship written exam.

The authors of this Revision guide are two exam candidates Dr Simon Keane and Dr Jonathan Thomson who have gathered together all of the lists and facts they used to successfully pass the ACEM FEx written exam.  The authors have formatted these vital facts into chapters according to the ACEM curriculum.  They have refined the facts into easy to remember bites of information with endpoints, common doses and tables ready to be regurgitated into your exam answer booklet.

The book will be revised annual to ensure it stays up to date and remains a useful resource for years to come.

Easily accessible on your mobile device or PC with clickable links this revision guide will be as useful on the floor in the ED as it is in the exam room.

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