eduAcute Pipedreams represents the core philosophy of eduAcute Pty Ltd providing free medical simulation education such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), First Aid and Crisis Resource Management courses to identified worldwide rural and remote areas in need that don’t have access to financial support or medically trained educators.

Our team visits your local site using our simulation equipment (e.g. mannequins) while working with your local translators ensuring all knowledge is passed on to your people effectively. Some examples of teams we can train include surf life saving crews, diving schools instructors, adventure tour operators, hotel staff or local community groups.

We work with you as the local expert and tailor our short courses to your specific local needs, resources and environment. For example, if you are a remote diving school we may put together a practical scenario such as “What do we do with a diver who has cut himself and is calling out for help?” or “How do I deal with a stressed or angry person who is out of control?”. In that example we will practice with your team what things need to be done urgently, how to ensure that everyone is safe and how to call for medical help such as a hospital nearby (or not so nearby).

Ideally we run the train-the-trainer model by encouraging each local team to select at least one person to become the local expert (trainer) who continues to educate the community members. All participant get a certificate of course completion.

If you are interested in finding out more about eduAcute Pipedreams, please contact us here.