Customised Packages


eduAcute offers customised simulation packages to both hospital and acute care settings to allow simulation courses to be tailored to fit the exact needs of the local participants.  The packages can be completely adjusted according to requirements and budget.  We can develop packages for many different environments both public and private such as:

  • Student placements and orientation – medical, nursing and allied health
  • Emergency departments both urban and rural and remote
  • Acute care scenarios and ALS packages for other medical disciplines such as radiology, general medicine, general surgery and paediatrics.
  • General practice and primary care settings
  • Sports medicine and Match Day doctors
  • Corporate settings requiring Crisis Resource Management training
  • Testing of facilities after major structural and system changes
  • Institution training after Root Cause Analysis
  • Patient and Carer training in First Responder actions

eduAcute may provide any or all of the following pieces for your simulation package:

  • Site analysis
  • Site visit
  • Programme proposal including learning objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Detailed programme resource development including
    • Lesson plans
    • Teaching resources
    • PowerPoints
    • Handouts
    • Customised scenarios
  • Course planning
    • Course Budget
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Venue and catering recommendations
  • Train the trainer course for local faculty
  • Facilitated pilot course
  • Continuing course Delivery

At every point of development eduAcute provides update to local project leaders and incorporates feedback into the package

This unique package solution means that depending on your local resources costs can be reduced by you providing components of the package including local faculty, equipment, venues etc.

You just choose the puzzle pieces that suit your Unique Simulation Education puzzle.

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