Course Venue – Melbourne

The AMREP Education Centre is located at the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.

55 Commercial Road
VIC 3004

Details can be found here



2-Day Communication and Simulation for the OSCE ExamMelbourne20 and 21/3/18$1650
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne20/3/2018 (Tue)$850
Simulation for the OSCE ExamMelbourne21/3/2018 (Wed)$850
Paediatric Procedures and Emergency SimulationMelbourne22/3/2018 (Thu)$400-$770
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne18/9/2018 (Tue)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne19/9/2018 (Wed)$850
Critical Care Skills for Junior DoctorsMelbourne20/9/2018 (Thu)$400-$600
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne12/2/2019 (Tue)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne13/2/2019 (Wed)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne18/6/2019 (Wed)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne19/6/2019 (Thu)$850