Course Calendar

Our courses are designed to cover the full range of simulation learners from novice to expert.  Each course has been carefully designed to ensure that the learners gain the most from their simulation experience. We have a range of simulation courses ranging from generic courses to courses specifically designed for specialist groups, exams or areas of clinical practice. CPD points and college grants are available for a number of our courses. Register now by selecting your course from the calendar below!

2-Day Communication and Simulation for the OSCE ExamMelbourne20 and 21/3/18$1650
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne20/3/2018 (Tue)$850
Simulation for the OSCE ExamMelbourne21/3/2018 (Wed)$850
Paediatric Procedures and Emergency SimulationMelbourne22/3/2018 (Thu)$400-$770
Simulation for the OSCE ExamBrisbane3/4/2018 (Tue)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamBrisbane4/4/2018 (Wed)$850
Medical Teaching Incl Simulation And Debrief (MTIDS)Brisbane28/8/2018 (Tue)$650-$950
CHUSE Clinical CommunicationSunshine Coast8/6/2018 (Fri)$350-$700
Paediatric Procedures and Emergency SimulationBrisbane19/6/2018 (Tue)$400-$770
Critical Care Skills for Junior DoctorsBrisbane14/8/2018 (Tue)$400-$600
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne18/9/2018 (Tue)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne19/9/2018 (Wed)$850
Critical Care Skills for Junior DoctorsMelbourne20/9/2018 (Thu)$400-$600
eduAcute OSCE ExamBrisbane25/9/2018 (Tue)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamBrisbane26/9/2018 (Wed)$850
Acute Recognition and Resus Emergency Skills (Arrest)Sunshine Coast17/10/2018 (Thu)$400-$770
Paediatric Procedures and Emergency SimulationBali15-17/12/2018$400-$770
eduAcute OSCE ExamBrisbane30/1/2019 (Wed)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamBrisbane31/1/2019 (Thu)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne12/2/2019 (Tue)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne13/2/2019 (Wed)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamMelbourne18/6/2019 (Wed)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamMelbourne19/6/2019 (Thu)$850
eduAcute OSCE ExamBrisbane8/7/2019 (Mon)$850
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamBrisbane9/7/2019 (Tue)$850

Our Critical Care Skills for Junior Doctors Course is aimed at junior doctors wanting to increase their skills prior to transition to registrar posts.  It particularly will help those needing to be on the MET team or in critical care positions.

Our Paediatric Procedure and Emergency Simulation Course gives lots of practice of paediatric procedures and ALS for all ages in skills stations followed by application of these skills in Adult and paediatric scenarios.

Our CHUSE Clinical Communication Course allows clinicians of all levels to practice their communication for a range of clinical scenarios. If you register for CHUSE you also get 50% off our 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios publication by using 52OSCE as the discount code.

Our Simulation for the OSCE Exam Course and CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam Course allows intense OSCE practice for pre-fellowship registrars to allow them to run the simulation or communication scenario and get feedback to help their preparation for their OSCE exam.

The Acute Recognition and Resus Emergency Skills (ARREST) Course is designed to focus clinicians on the skills required to manage the acutely deteriorating patient whether they be in primary care, rural and remote or emergency department settings.

The Medical Teaching including Simulation and Debrief Course combines online learning and workshops to for clinicians who want to improve their medical teaching.

Check out our updated 2018 OSCE Exam publications such as our 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios, over a dozen OSCE Simulation Exam Stations and our new 1-on-1 SKYPE OSCE Exam Sessions.