Course Calendar

Our courses are designed to cover the full range of simulation learners from novice to expert.  Each course has been carefully designed to ensure that the learners gain the most from their simulation experience. We have a range of simulation courses ranging from generic courses to courses specifically designed for specialist groups, exams or areas of clinical practice. CPD points and college grants are available for a number of our courses. Register now by selecting your course from the calendar below!

eduAcute OSCE Course EOC (CHUSE)Enrol Now$650
eduAcute OSCE Course EOCEnrol Now$550
eduAcute OSCE Course EOC (BONUSEnrol Now$360
Introduction to Medical TeachingEnrol Now$40
Small Group Medical TeachingEnrol Now$50

The new eduAcute Virtual OSCE Exam Preparation Course 2020 has been created to provide OSCE Exam candidates the opportunity to prepare for the exam without the need to travel and potentially having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 restrictions. This is a full day course using ZOOM technology and runs from 08:30 until 16:00 with scheduled breaks in between. The course is packed with OSCE Stations emulating the stations that would have been experienced in the 2 day OSCE exam course.  The Stations will be run in exam type conditions with one candidate at a time attempting the station and the rest of the Zoom candidates will be able to view the exam attempt, be part of the debrief and discussion and learn from others and the faculty on how to perform in the OSCE exam stations.  A range of stations suitable to this format will be offered including communicationhistory taking and CBD.  Technique workshops will be interspersed to give you a jam-packed virtual experience.  Get your bandwidth ready for a home OSCE experience that will boost your OSCE performance.

The 2-Day OSCE Exam Package is a 2-day course combining our popular CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam and the eduAcute OSCE Exam courses. Participants in the two day course have many opportunities to hone their communication skills ready for their ACEM OSCE Exam in a range of stations and topics over the two days.  For more information about the course content please see the individual course pages. The course package is offered at a slightly reduced cost to candidates. OSCE candidates also have the option to book a single day.

The CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam Course is our very popular OSCE exam preparation course that focuses on effective communication within clinical settings. When you register for CHUSE course you also get 50% off our 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios publication by using 52OSCE as the discount code.

Our Critical Care Skills for Junior Doctors Course is aimed at junior doctors wanting to increase their skills prior to transition to registrar posts.  It particularly will help those needing to be on the MET team or in critical care positions.

Our Paediatric Procedure and Emergency Simulation Course gives lots of practice of paediatric procedures and ALS for all ages in skills stations followed by application of these skills in Adult and paediatric scenarios.

Our CHUSE Clinical Communication Course allows clinicians of all levels to practice their communication for a range of clinical scenarios.

The Acute Recognition and Resus Emergency Skills (ARREST) Course is designed to focus clinicians on the skills required to manage the acutely deteriorating patient whether they be in primary care, rural and remote or emergency department settings.

The Medical Teaching including Simulation and Debrief Course combines online learning and workshops to for clinicians who want to improve their medical teaching.

Our ARM’D Radiology Consult Course is a half day course developed especially for Radiologists who may encounter deteriorating patients within their radiology suite.  The course is a small group hands on course taught by emergency specialists and nurses and covers two major components CPR Basics including assessment and adult and paediatric deteriorating patient scenarios.

Our ECG Masterclass Course is a 2-3 hour course is designed specifically to assist nurses in General Practice with the interpretation of ECGs.

The Emergencies in General Practice Course covers the role of the team in GP emergencies and helps you to formulate your own approach in your setting, we discuss how to apply team work principles to a range of common emergencies for adults and children that may present to a GP practice and it makes you think what characteristics make a good team member.

Our GP Nursing Triage Course is a 2-3 hour course is aimed at GP nurses. During the course you will identify the components of validated triage processes and modify this for your unique GP setting. We will introduce the concepts for phone triage and suggest processes and documentation that could be utilised in your local GP setting.