Communication and Simulation for the OSCE Exam Course

The 2-Day OSCE Exam Package is a 2-day course combining our popular CHUSE Communication for the OSCE Exam and the eduAcute OSCE Exam courses.

Participants in the two day course have many opportunities to hone their communication skills ready for their ACEM OSCE Exam in a range of stations and topics over the two days.  For more information about the course content please see the individual course pages. The course package is offered at a slightly reduced cost to candidates.

DAY 1 – course start and finish time: 8:45AM – 5:30PM

DAY 2 – course start and finish time: 7:45AM – 4:30PM

Please note that registrants get a 50% discount to our OSCE Simulation Exam Stations 1-year subscription (Coupon Code is 12SIMS) and our 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios 1-year subscription (Coupon Code is 52OSCE).

OSCE candidates have the option to book a single day by choosing the single day course only on the course calendar.

2-Day eduAcute OSCE Exam PackageMelbourne12-13 Oct 20
2-Day eduAcute OSCE Exam PackageBrisbane (Chermisde)2-3 Feb 21
CHUSE Communication for the OSCE ExamBrisbane (Chermisde)2 Feb 2021

DISCOUNT CODE – Those who register for the this course are eligible for a 50% discount of the 52 OSCE Communication Scenarios publication. The coupon code is 52OSCE.