CHUSE Clinical Communication

The CHUSE Clinical Communication course (Communication in Healthcare using Simulated Encounters) is a hands on communication course for any health professional.  Many of the major communication encounters are covered and participants are guided in the development of a structured approach to these encounters and then have the opportunity to practice and be debriefed on their performance.

Communication break-down is the root cause of many medical malpractice claims and poor communication can cause many and varied difficulties in the workplace for both patients and clinicians.  Effective communication on the contrary can result in better outcomes for the patient and more effective and efficient healthcare.  Many medical colleges are focussing on communication in their fellowship examinations and a good communication technique for the common difficult encounters can greatly assist in exam preparation.  This course is applicable to any clinician who wants to practice their communication technique and would be appropriate for clinicians in many specialties (medical, nursing and allied health) from junior to senior level.

The CHUSE  communication course practice sessions use a mixture of simulated patients and simulations using mannequins as is appropriate to the type of encounter.

This is course is accredited by ACCRM for 30 PRPD points.

Types of communication encounters covered:

  • General good communication principles
  • Breaking bad news – to both patients and relatives
  • End of life issues
  • Aggressive patients
  • Complaints and Conflict
  • Difficult communications : child protection and domestic violence
  • Culturally appropriate communication
  • Handover and referral communication
  • Team and crisis communication

Even our half day course coves 16 scenarios plus one communication workshop.