Adult Emergency Simulation

This is a one day scenario based course to take participants through common and important adult emergencies.  Using portable mannequins and highly skilled facilitators this course can be performed both in conference facilities or in situ in your workplace.

Participants should be familiar with simulation prior to enrolling in this course. The introduction to simulation course is an ideal segway into this course.

This full day (6.5 hr) course takes participants comprehensively through the approach to managing a range of adult emergencies that may present in hospital based clinical settings.  It teaches participants how to:

  • Recognise early deterioration of an adult patient
  • Use their resources effectively to start management of the emergency
  • Prioritise early management for a range of adult emergency conditions
  • Stabilise and refer adult emergency presentations to definitive care

Didactic learning is minimised and most learning is achieved in this course through hands-on participation in paediatric emergency scenarios. Groups are kept small to ensure everyone has plenty of opportunity to practice their approach and debriefs are done in front of the group so all can pick up on the learning points from the 9 different scenarios.

This course is targeted at anyone looking after patients who may deteriorate particularly those working in hospital settings including doctors and nurses working in emergency, inpatient medicine or surgical or in regional and remote areas.