eduAcute courses allow participants to practice adult and paediatric resuscitation scenarios in a safe learning environment.  Courses are designed from basic to advanced to exam specific with new courses are being added continuously.


eduAcute Pipedreams represents the core philosophy of eduAcute Pty Ltd providing free medical simulation education such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), First Aid and Crisis Resource Management courses.


eduAcute subscriptions are an invaluable resource for anyone who want to broaden their medical knowledge and who have access to unique simulation practice scenarios, all developed by Dr Michelle Davison.

Customised and Personalised Packages

We develop customised packages such as for General Practices as well as personalised ACEM FEx face-to-face sessions.

Simulation Blog

From time to time we write some great blogs that you may well find useful. You must be  a member to view them.

eduAcute Twitter Feeds

Goodmorning Melbourne...first day of our new OSCE course Early start for an early finish.

Why eduAcute…?

what we do

  • Site Analysis
  • Define Learning Outcomes
  • Develop Simulation Courses
  • Develop Teaching Materials
  • Develop Assessment Materials
  • Run Train-the-Trainer Sessions
  • Facilitate Simulation Handover

why we do it

  • Increase Simulation Uptake
  • Maximise Local Resource Use
  • Prepare for Clinical Exams
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Enhance Clinical Placements
  • Increase Networking Opportunities

how we do it

  • Provide Experienced Consultants
  • Listen to Local Site Issues
  • Develop Tailored Courses
  • Provide Post-review Assessments
  • Empower Local Providers
  • Analyse Performance Data
  • Provide Lesson Plans and Scenarios