Medical Teaching Including Simulation and Debrief Course (Brisbane)

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Medical Teaching Incl Simulation And DebriefBrisbane23 Jul 19

The Medical Teaching including Simulation and Debrief course combines online learning and workshops to for clinicians who want to improve their medical teaching. Clinicians will have the opportunity to practice and receive personal critiquing on their teaching and debrief skills in a number of teaching modalities.

The online modules completed prior to the course take clinicians through the theory of adult learning principles, good lecture technique and an introduction to workshops, procedure teaching and simulation and debrief.

The full day course then gives the clinicians opportunity for small group practice

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Teaching procedures
  • Running a Simulation
  • Basic Debrief

Participant performance will be critiqued and feedback given to allow development and improvement of teaching techniques.

Clinicians from many specialties medical, nursing and allied health can be accommodated in this course.  Whether you are a junior wanting to improve your bedside teaching to a senior clinician wanting to hone your simulation and debrief skills to start up your own teaching program.

7 hours of ACEM CPD points for this course would be available

(Enter under the Group Learning/Workshop and Training Procedural Skills Based and then + Enter Medical Teaching in Simulation and Debrief course in the free text box and allocate 7 hours to the course).

Course Location


Quest Chermside (Thomas Street)


What is the address?

9 Thomas Street
QLD 4032
Tel: 07 3363 0100

How to get there and parking

Where we meet

Please talk to the receptionist and ask for Dr Michelle Davison from eduAcute and you will be guided to the meeting room.

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