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Welcome to eduAcute Pty Ltd

Medical Simulation Solutions

Simulation Courses

eduAcute simulation courses allow participants to practice adult and paediatric resuscitation scenarios in a safe learning environment.  Courses are designed from basic to advanced to exam specific and new courses are being added continuously.

Online Courses

eduAcute offer online courses  which are a cost effective way to increase your skills in areas such as medical teaching .


eduAcute scenarios give you all the details you need to run our range of simulations with your own equipment and faculty  Scenarios can be purchased singly or in a set of either adult only, paediatric only or a mixed bunch.


eduAcute members obtain access to members only resources and networking.  Members with appropriate qualifications can apply to be credentialled as eduAcute simulation faculty to assist with running our courses. Apply here.

News and Events

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Simulation Blog

From time to time we write some great blogs that you may well find useful.

Online Subscriptions

Check out our online publications and order your subscription now.

Brisbane Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Was a good course of OSCE with lots of little tips on improvement, what is expected of candidate in exam.

Brisbane Sep 2015 Course Attendee   

Thanks Michelle, invaluable course, will recommend to the rest of the group and thanks Simon for the great tips.

Brisbane Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

It was a really wonderful experience today.

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Very well organised, invaluable feedback and experience, keep it up!

Brisbane Jan 2016 Course Attendee   

Thank you for making the CHUSE videos available to us on your website

Brisbane local GP Practice   

Very useful course held locally at our own practice, would recommend to any GP pracrtice

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Very informative sessions, well worth travelling to Melbourne for, good feedback given during simulation.

Sydney Nov 2015 Course Attendee   

It's something that no one is doing in Australia, well done in organising such a much needed course

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Very helpful, good to have challenging scenarios, may be even more to be prepared for the unexpected

Brisbane Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Great course, useful hints and tips, good preparation for exam.

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Very well structured, useful for content and how to improve sims.

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

The OSCE exams were excellent and I feel much better after coming to this course, thanks Michelle for organising.

Sydney Nov 2015 Course Attendee   

Very valuable course, great scenarios and excellent debriefs

Diana Webster, GP Registrar at Patrick Street Clinic   

I attended a one-day workshop: Paediatric emergencies for GP’s at Cradle Mountain..... Read more at

Melbourne Oct 2015 Course Attendee   

Would like to participate in sims in future after attending this course, hopefully after passing fellowship exam, and as part of this awesome team.

Sydney Nov 2015 Course Attendee   

Excellent course, good opportunity to practice OSCEs

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Why eduAcute…?

what we do

  • Site Analysis
  • Define Learning Outcomes
  • Develop Simulation Courses
  • Develop Teaching Materials
  • Develop Assessment Materials
  • Run Train-the-Trainer Sessions
  • Facilitate Simulation Handover

why we do it

  • Increase Simulation Uptake
  • Maximise Local Resource Use
  • Prepare for Clinical Exams
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Enhance Clinical Placements
  • Increase Networking Opportunities

how we do it

  • Provide Experienced Consultants
  • Listen to Local Site Issues
  • Develop Tailored Courses
  • Provide Post-review Assessments
  • Empower Local Providers
  • Analyse Performance Data
  • Provide Lesson Plans and Scenarios